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April 4 2017 9:00 pm EDT


April 5 2017 2:00 pm EST


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We are so excited to introduce our 4 Phase Program to assist Cancer Patients while they transition from Patient to Survivor to Thriver! Current support can be tough to find or doesn’t work with your schedule. Each phase will be introduced over the next few months. Phase 1 is available to you today and addresses the most common concerns we hear from patients such as:


  • Fear of a re-occurrance and uncertain future
  • Dealing with physical and mental symptoms
  • Body image and relationship with self
  • General overwhelm of everyday life
  • We create an integrative plan building a healthy, happy New Normal


Phase 1 Topics Include:


WEEK1: Embracing Physical Healing


WEEK2: Moving From Crisis to Sustainability


WEEK3: Links Between Emotional & Physical Health


WEEK4: Ways to Boost Immune System & General Performance


WEEK5: Managing stress


WEEK6: Address Impact of Fear/Grief on Quality of Life


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