Jackie Savi-Cannon – Talk  Notes


Title: Where does creativity live? Explore the roots of where your creative spark lies.



Jackie will outline the role of creativity and its evolution in our education system, work place and personal health. Creativity is the foundation of a great idea, project, plan and great life. In an age where adaption and change are critical, Jackie challenges us to see beyond our fears and perceptions of where

innovation and success come from.


Creativity regarded as a resource or commodity is a fairly new concept. There seems to be a consensus that new ideas and methods for our future sustainability are necessary. Where we tend to fall apart, is how to allow this concept into a model that thrives on standardization. We are witnessing the struggle of large concrete institutions that revolve around complex and inefficient systems to adapt to an age that is highly conceptual and invisible. I use the example of a large cruise ship and a jet ski both trying to make a U-turn.  Both can do it, but one is much more agile and can do it in a fraction of the time. When we apply this flexibility in our perception to real life issues and problem solving, we tend to see more effective outcomes. We must accept the discomfort of this process for those who have not been exposed to this type of creative environment. Most individuals hold back giving their feedback or opinion because they don’t want to offend anyone or most often are petrified of being ridiculed by their peers. How often have you heard or said “I’m not creative at all. I suck at drawing.” In most cases our school and work environment is one of obeying rules and avoiding harsh judgment and consequences. In order to really allow creativity to flow, we must be in a place free of duress and judgment. When you feel like you can express yourself freely and know that your peers support you even though they may not fully understand what you may be picturing in your head, you allow your best self and ideas to shine through.


Non-Creative Statements: 

“I can’t see that working.”

“I can’t picture what you are saying.”

“It’s always been that way, how are we going to change it?”

“I can’t” kills creativity and the creative flow of energy.


The QR Code concept reinforces how an abstract form such as the code can connect us to so much information instantaneously. Most individuals are looking to lead inspired purposeful lives. In order to do that, we must be able to picture it, connect with that vision and then boldly move past our fear in order for it to come to physical life. We must connect to our own personal goals, dreams and fears so we may feel comfortable exploring creative subjects or discussions going forward.


Great reading material to give perspective in navigating one self both personally and professionally in the digital age. Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Dan Tapscott, Nischala Joy Devi, Kris Carr, Tim Ferriss and Malcolm Gladwell


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