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Team Time Out is a corporate newsletter that focuses on addressing overall wellness of employees. Highlighting life changing benefits including mental and physical well-being as well as nutrition, lifestyle and work/life balance. Finding ways to encourage employees to stay healthy can improve employee focus as well as increase employee morale and motivation within the company. Download the JSC_Wellness_Newsletter PDF to find out more information on this time saving service. 


Our wellness newsletter is crafted by our seasoned corporate team. Together, we eliminate the unnecessary workload for your HR department to provide employees with important wellness information. Our articles, tips, inspirational information paired with your personal company messages create a communication tool that will engage and transform your employees.


The following links will provide samples of the Team Time Out Newsletter:


How does your engagement relate to Canadians? – http://eepurl.com/bagJu1

Do you feel worthy of good health this coming year? – http://eepurl.com/baokyr

What is one healthy step you can take today? – http://eepurl.com/bawl9H

Self-care leads to successful resolutions. – http://eepurl.com/baCnPn

10 Simple tips to blend health and work – http://eepurl.com/baKiVP

What is your perception of disease? – http://eepurl.com/bdGWsr

What are you working so hard for? – http://eepurl.com/ba_95X

An integrative approach leads you to sustainable health – http://eepurl.com/bbMnRX

Is accountability an issue for you? – http://eepurl.com/bcnjxT

What is behind the goals you set? – http://eepurl.com/bc10UD

Are you driven by Ambition or Passion? – http://eepurl.com/bekVvn

How does your IQ relate to your EIQ? – http://eepurl.com/beXf49

Is Crazy the New Normal? – http://eepurl.com/bfBAVz