How do you work through your personal resistance?


If ever there were a time in history requiring us to dig deep and persevere, it is now. Inspiring stories can sometimes backfire because the person sharing their story has usually finished the work.

In honor of Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work, the Domino Project Street Team brought together their collective talents to create a free eBook entitled No Idling: 30 inspiring stories from those who do the work. The action-takers in this book put a human face to the trite sounding clichés. Their stories of overcoming Resistance provide a path from “Just do it” to mentally gearing up and forming habits to help you get things done. They don’t mince words. “Expect Resistance,” they say. “It’s there. Waiting for you. Be smart. Prepare for it.” The only way to fail is to stop. When you’re tempted, come back to Do The Work and No Idling to bolster your resolve. Remember that you took on your great work for a reason. Own it.

The eBook features Andrew Warner, Neil Patel, Charlie Gilkey, James Altucher, Neil Pasricha, Mark Silver, David Siteman Garland, Carol Roth, Michael Port, Marshall Ulrich and 20 others.Dig into this book. Put its wisdom into action. Generously share it. Do the work.


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