The JSC Lifestyle Health Programs were developed to solve the challenges many face when trying to make healthy lifestyle changes. Stress is something that impacts all of us. We experience these stress triggers at various times and have schedule constraints that may prevent us from dealing with them effectively. Our HD Video and Audio Modules address physical activity, mental well-being and life skill development to promote behavioral changes required for achievements to last.

You are given instant access to:
• HD video and audio modules which deal with stress reduction, healthy lifestyle practices such as time management, communication and conflict resolution.
• Mind/body element which includes gentle yoga and relaxation techniques.
• The effciency and convenience for you allows help 24/7 on demand – work, home or travel.
• It is a fresh approach which excites and motivates you to keep making healthy choices

JSC-RNR22Our packages are available in download form or are delivered to your on a jump-drive allowing your to transfer the files to any device you choose. These packages range from Yoga for all levels, Relaxation, Prenatal Fitness, Belly-Dance and XY50 coming soon!

“One day I got to the point where my work had built up to an extreme and client demands became overwhelming. I turned to my first JSC video. It was quick and it made me feel grounded. I regained my focus and even felt more rested. I was stronger, more eager and ready to regroup. The JSC modules have really helped me to realize that my mind and body need to connect and replenish in order to be the most successful and productive professional I can be.” Melissa, TD Waterhouse

We have made our most effective modules available and affordable so you can let go of stress and improve your health and quality of life. Visit our store and choose a solution that makes sense for you.


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