“Exploring Proactive Health Solutions”



Chronic disease = $39 billion a year in Canada.


Productivity losses = $54.4 billion annually.



A recent worldwide Gallup study found only 16% of Canadian employees were engaged at work. This staggering reality in combination with the declining health of the average Canadian addresses issues which can no longer be ignored.


Passport PageOur R.E.V. Health Passport (Revitalize-Energize-Vitalize) is a versatile, learning tool used to help individuals integrate healthy habits into their lives long-term. The tenets of our model promote early adoption in a preventative health approach to enable employers/employees to focus more on their health strengths, before disease exists. Benefits from education through the use of the PHR and its value in early detection and personal health management are expected, complementing treatments of pre-existing conditions.


This program brings to light the undeniable costs of sick employees/citizens. The R.E.V. Health Passport proposes a more cost-effective preventative model indicating various opportunities for a ROI. The results will also help validate a sustainable business model allowing participants a realization to continue healthy lifestyle changes further diminishing long-term implications of unhealthy citizens on our Canadian Healthcare System.


The unique blend of health modalities and digital tracking via the participant’s Personal Health Record will provide results over a 12 month period which will encourage participants to continue to engage in years 2, 3 and beyond.


This professional collaboration combines a 360 degree menu of preventative modalities at a 60% cost reduction.


Majority of individuals when left in an independently self-led situation will struggle to realize long term success. Authentic support and connection with positive people also increases rates of success. This approach helps ensure optimum outcomes when participants are faced with potential future medical issues. It is proven those who track and journal their efforts in adopting new behaviors and goals, have a greater rate of success. Efficiency implemented into the health care process facilitates immediate short term value. The reduced cost due to healthier citizens proves an important outlook for the long-term vision. Corporate benefits include cohort optimization for less absenteeism and best  effort work ethics by healthy employees.



Our current work is included in a research activity focusing on preventative health solutions. Download the JSC-TELUS Consumer Activity Abstract-2014 for further information.

“The highest use of capital is
not to make more money, but
to make money do more for
the betterment of life.”

Henry Ford


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