The Pink Notes E-Book



“Through painting experiences with words, The Pink Notes draws us into the intimate life-changing realm of co-existing with Cancer. Jackie's poignant telling illuminates the physical, mental and emotional ordeals, from diagnosis to treatment, while embracing the preciousness of each moment. The ultimate healing.”

Nischala Joy Devi

Author: The Healing Path of Yoga


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The idea for The Pink Notes was conceived during my fight with and treatment of Breast Cancer. I wrote it in real-time during my recovery. You will find it to be a raw and honest account of my journey to find beauty, hope and healing while peeling back the many layers of cancer. It was my way of embracing the cancer, taking ownership of it and accepting my ‘new normal’, while creating something helpful to other women in a similar situation. It is powerful and compelling reading, not for the faint of heart, but it is a story of the power of love and the strength and determination to adapt and thrive!

Watch this video to hear some excerpts of ‘real-life’ situations from this inspirational collection of notes.