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Generation-One-Kids Mindfulness Module:

The Generation-One-Kids Mindfulness Module was designed to assist you in teaching children of levels Grade 3-6 in learning about emotional literacy and tools to help navigate emotions and energy in a proactive way. It includes audio and video modules designed to help you with mindfulness, relaxation and dealing with heavy emotions that may be bothering you.

The concept of Mindfulness can be challenging to convey. In this module we build lessons and discussions around the question, ‘What’s your mind full of?’

The intention and goals of the following lessons are to:

  • begin to understand the concept that the mind is filled with positive and negative thoughts and inner-dialogue.
  • identify various images and graphics which communicate positive and negative emotions.
  • Use included images and graphics to further discuss other emotions that are considered positive and negative.
  • Participate in breathing exercise.
  • Participate in visualization exercise.



DISCLAIMER: Please remember this program is not intended as medical advise or a substitute for medical care and/or counselling. If unsure, you are strongly advised to seek medical clearance before attempting any JSC Lifestyle Program. This is a recreational program which you are engaging in at your own risk. Please stop immediately if you feel any unusual symptoms and seek medical attention immediately.


Section 1What is Your Mind Full Of?
Lecture 1Concept Introduction
Lecture 2Emotions are Energy!
Lecture 3Intentions & Affirmations
Lecture 4Grounding
Section 2Stress
Section 3Relaxation
Section 4Yoga