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This program (RTS) is a resource that will allow patients to better cope with the many physical and mental issues that arise when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.


Watch this video for an introduction to the program:


Physical & Mental Benefits:

  • Enhanced ROM, flexibility, strength, balance, sleep patterns and overall sense of well-being.
  • Gain a stronger and more accurate awareness of their body which allows them to communicate their needs effectively with their health care provider.
  • Calms the nervous system and alleviates the stress and anxiety which lower immune functioning and hinder healing.
  • The relaxation techniques allow the patient to acknowledge and accept the realities of the situation and cope with the fear and uncertainly that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.

    RTS Module 1: Introduction to the program.
    RTS Module 2: A gentle 20 minute Yoga practice which focuses on gentle movement while restoring a sense of well-being. The poses are predominantly lying with some kneeling.
    RTS Module 3: Gently build strength and endurance while nurturing your overall health in this 25 minute practice. The poses are standing, seated and lying.
    RTS Module 4: Relaxation with a focus to enhance the overall healing process. 10 minutes in length.
    RTS Module 5: A 2nd general relaxation piece to enhance your feeling of well-being and positive healing process. 8 minutes in length.
    RTS Meditations: Choose from 12 relaxing meditations focusing on releasing the anxiety and fear connected to treatment and pressures of chemotherapy, radiation and life after a Cancer diagnosis. Listen to the following sample:


    *JSC Programs are for recreational purposes only and not intended to replace a medical program. Please consult your physician to ensure you are ready for activity.


    Section 1Introduction
    Section 2Yoga Program 1 - Gentle
    Section 3Yoga Program 2 - Active
    Section 4Meditation-Videos
    Section 5Meditation - Audio
    Section 6The Pink Notes E-Book