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Anxiety Outlet Program:

Life has become more uncertain than ever, leaving many of us struggling to manage the numerous demands of everyday life. The Anxiety Outlet Program was designed to assist you in navigating your emotions and energy in a proactive way. The following package includes 20 audio and video modules designed with a specific theme to help you with whatever may be bothering you that day. Stress triggers are not something we can predict but it can help when you have resources to deal with them available on demand. We are all feeling pressure in the same categories but the details of what is causing them is down to each individual. In my years of specializing in this area I have found some common points that come up for the average person of any age.

Here are a few:

  • general overwhelm of life
  • fear of uncertain future
  • relationship issues
  • body image
  • health issues
  • overall success in life
  • difficulty balancing personal and professional life
  • lack of self-worth – guilt
  • life purpose
  • inner-dialog battle
  • feeling trapped and victimized – resentment

    The audio modules have titles that reflect their purpose. They range from general relaxation and motivation to specific topics such as confrontation and presentation fear. The video modules contain easy-to-follow and time-efficient Yoga Modules which target all muscle groups in a balanced manner. You will notice each Yoga practice is presented in interesting locations, reminding us that there is never a perfect time to do Yoga! Remember this is about quality steps to health and not bringing more pressure to perform into your life. We recommend watching the videos before trying them if you are new to Yoga. Begin with the Achieve Series and then move on to the Balance Series.


    Enjoy a free Yoga and Relaxation module below!




    DISCLAIMER: Please remember this program is not intended as medical advise and you are strongly advised to seek medical clearance before attempting any JSC Lifestyle Program. This is a recreational program which you are engaging in at your own risk. Please stop immediately if you feel any unusual symptoms and seek medical attention immediately.


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