JAY-CANNON-_11In a competitive industry where staff and client retention are at an all-time low, staying connected with YOUR clients is critical to your brand and cash-flow in your business. The day to day demands of a busy facility make it challenging for your staff to maintain a consistent online marketing relationship with your clients. The Client On-The-Go Newsletter allows you to confidently outsource your client-email relationship so you can continue to grow your business face-to-face in your salon.

The JSC team works with a Facility Liaison to navigate your weekly customized client message. A monthly report summarizing client engagement is delivered to you electronically so you can continuously review and maximize the attention of your loyal clients. Client On-The-Go is a revenue-generating newsletter that focuses on client retention and positive messaging. In a noisy world where traditional marketing is not showing the returns it did in the past, use this innovative approach to stay in touch with your loyal clients you work so hard to keep healthy!

It’s a great way to market during our busiest season. January is around the corner but it seems very easy to get started.

Download the JSC_Wellness_Newsletter for more information and let me know if you want me to connect you so you can get this special rate they are offer us. Please contact Debra at 519.259.8887 or email at info@jsclifestyle.com 



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