Sharing the 5 C’s at TEDxWindsor!

Bringing TED to my Windsor Essex Community is very important to me.  A mentor introduced me to TED in 2006.  As I explored the eclectic data base of information, I realized I was home.  The best way I heard it described was ‘for intellectually hungry’.  My first opportunity to host a TEDxWindsor event was last year on December 8th.  It was a last minute opportunity which gave us 8 days to put it together.  The BUZZ of this first event was magical so we decided to do it again on March 2nd in conjunction with TED’s 2011 theme – Rediscover Wonderment.  What better way to discover wonder than to be part of a creative atmosphere. Our Art Gallery of Windsor seemed the most logical choice.  As a teacher who tests boundaries, we decided instead of our guests just viewing art, lets make them part of it.  Cue FLASH MOB.

We 'Raise Our Glass' w/ Pink

We wanted to make it clear that in order to truly be creative, we needed to step out of our comfort zone.  I haven’t taught a ‘live’ fitness class in 4 years.  Rehearsing for this event gave me a reason to not only do it again but do it a way that also proved to me and my guests that I had NO FEAR of the FUTURE.  Healthy living in 2011 requires an open-minded intellectual approach. Thank you Sanja Frkovic for a well written article on the piece.  The emails I received after the event were incredible.  I believe we left changed for the better.  My warmest thanks to everyone who played a role in making this event brilliant!


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As Director of Programming for JSC Management Inc., I am committed to providing relevant content that is built upon overcoming and adapting to adversity and change. I have a diverse background which you can find on my Linked In profile. Let's just say if Donny and Marie were a little country and rock & roll, then I am a little Seth Godin meets Deepak meets T. Ferris with a splash of Jon Stewart - but a girl. Be the remedy!
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