I received my Bachelor of Arts ( Honours) Degree in Visual Arts/Communication Studies in 1991. In 1993, I received my Bachelors of Education specializing in Art. Although most of my professional career was following my passion for health and wellness, I always stayed connected with my roots as an artist. Every business I was part of had my artistic stamp in some form. I also taught art classes intermittently in my home studio as well as produced commissioned pieces over the years.

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In 2018, I began working deeply with various multimedia, encaustic treatments which was the catalyst to the fine art I produce today. I am extremely inspired by my industrial roots growing up in Windsor-Essex along with the large influence of Detroit. I spent many hours in awe at the DIA as a student. Now on my travels in both Ontario and Michigan I look for rare and unique items that are part of this industrial history. The repurposing of old wax, paper, metal including my old lithographs allow me to build rich layers of colour, texture and graphic juxtapositions.

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My current body of work depicts our constant evolution as a culture. Through the heavy textures and unique vintage elements, I look to communicate the many layers of history we are connected to through the universal energy we feel in cities around the world. The opportunity cost of the industrial revolution combined with the hope and excitement of innovation is something my region knows very well. The various images depict both the wealth and suffering that is somehow a staple in mankind's history. Every generation plays their role in shifting us to a better way of being. Through my work I try to communicate a message of hope, wonder and perhaps a mindful moment in each unique piece.

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Glam Pig began as a concept in the 80’s in a photographic body of work I was part of. The character is a satiric commentary on the vulgarity of conduct as a society and corporate corruption. Glam Pig officially hit the runway in the summer of 2011 in the Netherlands. As a feminist and Cancer Survivor, this body of work allows me to draw attention to the low consciousness and greed that fuels the ugly side of our multi-billion dollar beauty industry that is literally killing us. The message and images are more aggressive but so is Cancer.

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Each piece has a QR code with my signature which connects to it own link depicting the evolution of the piece.