My diverse background includes a Bachelor of Communication Studies/Visual Arts (Hon.) and a Bachelor of Education. I am also a Medical Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. My amazing fitness career evolved as a group fitness instructor/trainer, competitor and eventually owner of a seven figure wellness centre. Since 2004, I have focused on corporate consulting specializing in stress management education providing diverse services to corporations such as CIBC, TD, RBC, The Benefits Company, BASF, Windsor Regional Hospital, CBCN, City of Windsor. Through my company JSC Lifestyle Management Inc., I have had the opportunity to provide onsite yoga, meditation, seminars, wellness fairs and digital educational tools to numerous individuals and companies. This extensive interaction has allowed me to develop multimedia online programs as well as techniques to release tension and promote optimum mind-body function in my private sessions. Providing preventative assistance to valuable team members is an investment in the bottom line.


This short video gives insight into the cost of sick employees.


This next video provides both leader and employee feedback on my programs.

I love developing unique experiences to fit the needs of every client. I have presented for numerous corporations and events over the last 25 years. I have had the pleasure of hosting three TEDx events in my community starting in 2010. My own TEDx Talk on the importance of creativity was part of the TEDxUniversityofWindsor event in 2014. In 2006, I was blindsided with a cancer diagnosis. I felt inspired to use this devastating experience to create tools to help others who were dealing with this horrible disease.


My Pink Notes presentation is an example of finding inspiration and resilience in our darkest moments such as a cancer diagnosis.


“Jackie’s presentation was invigorating and extremely motivating. She got me thinking about the course of my life and how it relates to work and both physical and mental health. Her personal stories and experiences and how she handled them motivated me to look at my own life in a very different and positive way. I came home with her yoga disc and guide and use it almost daily to help deal with the everyday stresses life brings. I highly recommend Jackie as a speaker and am looking forward to hearing her talk again.”

Joyce VanRooyen, CCOA
Ontario Optometric Conference