These simple tips will help keep your Staff area healthy over the holidays and bring in the New Year with peace.


  • Source out an exceptional Gluten-Free Chef that can cater in healthy, decadent baked goods. There have been numerous advancements in recipes for cookies, cupcakes and muffins.
  • Communal healthy condiments so healthy ingredients can be added to everyday meals. Include medicinal teas, seed mixtures, ground flax-seed, coconut oil, healthy universal supplements.
  • A lending library building from staple authors such as Robin Sharma, Jack Canfield, Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Dan Tapscott, Nischala Joy Devi, Kris Carr, Tim Ferriss and Malcolm Gladwell
  • Ambient sounds have an unconscious calming effect on the brain and nervous system. You can take it a step further and combine all these steps into a ZEN/RNR area.
  • If budget allows and your benefits do not cover these modalities, invest in relaxation therapies such as Massage, Trauma Counseling, Reiki, EFT. There are many reputable modalities that suit all types of personalities.
  • Cerebral moments act as ‘corporate juice’ to re-energize and inspire the brain for creative problem solving and inspired work. TED Talks and many YouTube videos are available to bring this type of brain exercise into the workplace in time-efficient way.
  • If possible allow for pet friendly days or environments to foster healthy connections with animals.
  • Bring nature in with plants, rocks, crystals, natural art.
  • Bring onsite relief to allow for physical decompression. Callisthenic programs, Yoga, Stress Management, and Nutritional Counseling are some examples. Stress relief can be maneuvered in most environments when participants are open to change.
  • Giving your time and effort towards causes that help humanity are good for your soul. We are not meant to function in isolation. Remind yourself daily that you are not alone and with our collective efforts we create healthy change.

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