“Living a healthy life has its unique challenges. A demanding life can leave us feeling exhausted & depleted. Chronic stress can lead to pain, anxiety, poor health or disease.”


After 14 years of providing diverse services to corporations such as CIBC,TD,RBC, The Benefits Company, BASF, Windsor Regional Hospital, CBCN, City of Windsor, Jackie Savi-Cannon has developed a successful strategy that integrates digital delivery, electronic health tracking & preventative modalities, providing quantifiable results. Whether it’s providing engaging workshops to transforming private sessions, she is able to provide a solution that fits.


Jackie has a diverse background including a Bachelors of Communication Studies and a Bachelors of Education. She is also a Medical Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. Her fitness career evolved as a group fitness instructor/trainer, competitor and eventually owner of a seven figure wellness centre. Since 2004, she has focused on corporate consulting specializing in stress management education. Through her company, JSC Lifestyle Management Inc., she has had the opportunity to provide onsite yoga, meditation, seminars, wellness fairs and digital educational tools to numerous individuals. This extensive interaction has allowed her to develop a technique to release tension and promote optimum mind-body function.


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“One day I got to the point where my work had built up to an extreme and client demands became overwhelming. I turned to my first JSC video. It was quick and it made me feel grounded. I regained my focus and even felt more rested. I was stronger, more eager and ready to regroup. The JSC modules have really helped me to realize that my mind and body need to connect and replenish in order to be the most successful and productive professional I can be.” Melissa, TD Waterhouse



“I lead a busy life as a mother of 4, wife and career professional. After my first session I felt a release of stress I had never experienced before. I left feeling positive, refreshed and energized for my life priorities!” Tracey M.


“Thank you for the outstanding treatment today. I feel the trauma starting to release. Pain is gone, anxiety relieved and peace of mind achieved”Dianne B.


“Limped into the session with Osteoarthritis pain, left with a normal gait and a smile! The fact that there is no medication involved is a major plus for me”Jay C.