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“We provide tools that help people maintain their happy, healthier side. We specialize in preventative EAP solutions.”



The JSC Lifestyle Health Portal & Programs were developed to solve the challenges employers and wellness committee members face when trying to run their on-site programs. It was designed to provide the user with resources that address physical activity, mental well-being and life skill development. In addition promote behavioral changes required for achievements to last. We create custom preventative, mind/body EAP programs which are facilitated through the JSC Health Portal. Our multimedia, interactive approach is not only transforming work culture but also reducing sick days and improving productivity. We teach individuals to become self-sufficient in maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle and attitude toward their work. In an economic climate where adapting to change is key, the opportunity cost of not having the right mindset can be devastating. Generation Flux is our specialty!


The Programs follow trends of instant personalized service…


  • Individuals experience stress triggers at various times and have schedule constraints that may prevent them from attending live workshops.
  • Users can enter the portal at their own convenience and/or it can be used to facilitate groups on-site or at home with family members.
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    After 10 years of providing our diverse services to corporations such as CIBC, TD, RBC, The Benefits Company, BASF, Windsor Regional Hospital, CBCN, City of Windsor, we have developed a successful strategy that integrates digital delivery, electronic health records & preventative modalities in an efficient way, providing quantifiable results.



    Give HR a turn-key wellness solution…

    How do we integrate this into your Company? The JSC Team provides you with a custom, step-by-step application based on your company’s needs. Let us do what we do best. It is incredibly affordable for employers coming in at less than the cost of a coffee per week for an employee! JSC provides instant 27/7 On-Demand Access to HD Video & Audio modules dealing with stress reduction, healthy work & lifestyle practices. We have seen a reduction of over 40% in absenteeism and helped secure new recruits in the first 6 months of engagement for our clients. Live or virtual, JSC provides an experience to remember.


    “One day I got to the point where my work had built up to an extreme and client demands became overwhelming. I turned to my first JSC video. It was quick and it made me feel grounded. I regained my focus and even felt more rested. I was stronger, more eager and ready to regroup. The JSC modules have really helped me to realize that my mind and body need to connect and replenish in order to be the most successful and productive professional I can be.” Melissa, TD Waterhouse


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